About Me

Mission, Vision & Values.

About The Business

Kris Jones Designs was established in 2012, after working on a number of small websites for friends and family. Since then I have developed a vast number of friends and partners within the creative industry and have had the pleasure of working alongside incredibly talented people in a wide variety of organisations.

I have driven marketing improvements over a number of industries, which include Government & Politics, Music, Retail, Social Care, Adoption & Fostering, Education, Tourism and Catering.


  • To give businesses access to an exceptional standard of marketing services whilst staying cost effective.
  • To stay up to date with changes and developments in digital marketing.
  • To support businesses develop through the right fit marketing strategies.
  • To be friendly and approachable at all times.
  • To encourage clients to better their understanding of marketing.
  • To support and encourage other businesses in the same industry.


  • To become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all services within the creative, digital and strategic marketing spectrum.
  • To work with a number of partners to provide an increasingly robust service with a higher capacity for clients through outsourcing.
  • To become partner of choice for marketing services.


  • Passion: To enter each project and client relationship with passion, enthusiasm and drive to provide results.
  • Accountability: To act with full accountability and ownership over each project and results provided.
  • Quality: To provide the highest level of quality throughout all services provided.
  • Diverse: To be diverse and adaptable to work in any industry or sector.
  • Focus: To focus on the client’s needs;  constantly listening, observing and learning.
  • Efficiency: To act with urgency, work efficiently and be responsive and reactive to changes in specifications.
  • Value: To provide clients only with services that will add value to their organisation.
  • Clarity: To act with clarity and logic at all times, ensuring the client is able to make fully informed decisions.